Viblock has been a leading provider of masonry products in the South Island since 2004.

Masonry buildings have a range of benefits over traditional building materials as expanded below. From our inception masonry blocks have been the foundation of our business. Over time our range of traditional grey masonry has expanded to include architectural finishes. The benefit of supplying out of one masonry manufacturing site leads to a consistency in both structural quality and aesthetic. We have a range of colours and finishes available for structural and veneers as outlined below.

Available Colours

Select a swatch below to view a range of projects built using that colour.

Available Finishes*:

Fair Faced
Split Faced

Available Finishes*:

Fair Faced

Available Finishes*:

Fair Faced

Available Finishes*:

Fair Faced
Split Face

Available Finishes*:

Fair Faced

Available Finishes*:

Rumbled Crawford
*We can manufacture Fluted, Split face and Rumbled products to order. For significant orders we can create colours to match your desired finish. Get in touch to find out more.

Available Masonry Blocks

10 Series Masonry Blocks - ViBlock
15 Series Masonry Blocks - ViBlock
20 Series Masonry Blocks - ViBlock
25-30 Series Masonry Blocks - ViBlock
Split Faced Fluted Masonry Blocks - ViBlock
Villa Veneer Blocks - ViBlock

Masonry Features + Benefits

When you order from our extensive range there are many benefits ensuring you are happy with your purchase.
Low Environmental Impact - ViBlock

Compared with other building materials masonry blocks; require little energy to manufacture, have a local supply chain and last a lifetime.

Sound Insulation - ViBlock

The mass of masonry blocks creates a quiet home when compared with traditional building materials.

Low Maintenance - ViBlock

Masonry concrete requires very minimal maintenance over the lifetime of your building.

Thermal Mass - ViBlock

Concrete is known for its ability to store heat energy also known as thermal mass.

Low Energy Costs - ViBlock

High thermal mass of masonry homes reduces the need for heating and cooling and the associated costs.

Range of Colours - ViBlock

A large variety of colours and finishes allow you to get your perfect bespoke home.

Fire Resistant - ViBlock

Concrete masonry has no combustible elements.

Water Management - ViBlock

Provided the exterior is sealed when recommended masonry homes will perform against all natural elements.

Quality Product - ViBlock

Over the lifetime of a building masonry homes compare favourably to other building materials.

Additional Information

Our blocks are typically delivered direct to your site. We can be sourced through your local merchant alternatively you can buy direct. Contact Us to discuss best option for you.

Most general products (natural masonry) we stock at our Alexandra and Christchurch sites. We have relationships with many transport companies which allows for a full range of delivery services to your location. Leadtime is typically within 2 days of ordering.

For architectural products; coloured masonry & secondary processing (honed, split, rumbled or textured products) we require a lead time of typically 6 weeks.

Step 1.
Manufacture: 2 weeks

Step 1 Manufacture - ViBlock

Our plants are manufacturing to a two-week plan ensuring general stock levels are maintained.

Step 2.
Curing time: 1 – 2 weeks

Step 2 Curing Time - ViBlock

Once manufactured concrete products require time to reach specific strengths. This time is variable depending on your block choice and final application.

Step 3.
Second Processing: 1 week

Step 3 Honing - ViBlock

This process is done at site using an automated Hensel machine, involves a diamond cutting the face of the block. Our most popular finish for block, the result is a sleek aesthetic that highlights aggregate in the mix.

Step 3 Bush Hammering - ViBlock

Textured/Bush hammering
This process is done at our Alexandra site and requires extra curing time to ensure a strong product. The result is an exposed aggregate finish with a uniform texture across the block.

Step 3 Split Face - ViBlock

Split face
Completed at site through automated system applying pressure to the middle of blocks which creates the a bold textured exposed aggregate finish.

Step 4 Rumbling - ViBlock

completed at site, blocks are tumbled down a cylinder to create a rough edge and weathered aesthetic.

Step 4.
Delivery: 1-2 days

Step 4 Delivery - ViBlock

Completed through our network of partners can be with Hiabs or whatever your site requires.

Get in touch with one of our friendly team for more information on our lead times and delivery process

Every effort is made by Viblock to ensure the end user has a great product however we are only one step in the overall process. Each stage requires professional attention otherwise the result will not be to the desired standard.
Below outlines the stages in a block construction;

Select - ViBlock

1. Select your desired product

There are many ways masonry can be used to achieve a desired aesthetic. Key decisions include; the need for masonry to be structural or a veneer, the laying pattern stack bonded or stretcher bond. From here what colour and finish you require can be decided. ViBlock offers the largest variety of manufactured masonry finishes in New Zealand so will likely be able to accommodate your requirements. For further detail please refer to, Available Colours.

Find out more

Ensure - ViBlock

2. Ensure your designer is specifying to masonry standards

The build process is invariably smoother when wall sizes and controls are designed to specific lengths and details that work for blocks. There are many resources available to assist designers and architects, these include;

Masonry manual

NZ design standard for masonry building not requiring specific engineering design – NZS 4229:2013

Find out more

Engage - ViBlock

3. Engage a professional mason to lay the product

Block layers can make all the difference when building with masonry. Block layers have a trade association that provides them with support in training and ongoing learning this goes above the licenced building practitioners. Above the trade association block layers can become Master Masons. Contracting with a Master Mason ensures the individual has been assessed as having an appropriate level of skills and knowledge to complete work to an industry best practice standard. More information can be found at the following links

Find a Blocklayer

What is a Master Mason?

Or you can contact us. Attached are guidelines for block layers to follow when using architectural masonry, it is important the block layer is aware it will be used as finished product.

Find out more

Sealing - ViBlock

4. Sealing product

Viblock recommends all masonry is sealed to improve the look and durability of the product. Sealing is especially important for coloured masonry to reduce the likelihood of efflorescence and maintain the desired aesthetic over time. Viblock recommends Sto weathertight sealing systems are used for any walls open to the elements. For internal walls there are many sealers in the market it is important you have a professional installer complete the sealing and they follow the manufactures recommendations.

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Viblock manufactures Villa Veneer products, these are a great way to achieve a weatherboard look while getting all the benefits of masonry. More information can be found here

Efflorescence is a naturally occurring phenomena associated with all Concrete products. The chemistry involved is complex, involving several factors over which neither the manufacturer, the contractor, nor the end user has total control.

At Viblock we are very much aware of efflorescence and the problems it can create. Our manufacturing processes have all but eliminated the occurrence of efflorescence in our products, however unfortunately, we have no control over the environment in which our Masonry & Pavers are used.

In order to reduce the chances of efflorescence occurring, it is important that purchases care for the products from delivery to sealing (refer Viblock Care of Masonry, Pavers sheets and the paving laying guide).

Three steps to reduce the chance of efflorescence occurring

  • Products must be stored correctly before laying.
  • Laying of Blocks and pavers should be completed by a licensed trade professional.
  • Sealing should also be carried out by a trade professional

Efflorescence should it occur in no way effects the structural integrity of our Masonry Blocks and Pavers.

Products remain the property of Viblock Limited until full payment has been received.

Unless approved credit arrangements are made prior to delivery, payment is required at time of the placing of order. Prices are subject to alterations without notice and deliveries will be made at prices current at the time of dispatch.

All pallets are returnable, in good condition (fair wear and tear accepted) and subject to a deposit of $45+GST each, credited when pallets are returned to Viblock by the Purchaser.

Returns if accepted by Viblock will incur a handling fee. Claims for faulty products will not be entertained once they have been laid. No returns are accepted arising from over-ordering

Variations On Delivery:
Variations of actual quantities from those shown on delivery docket must be notified to us at the time of delivery otherwise no responsibility will be accepted for such variations. Goods delivered to unattended sites are the customer’s responsibility and the Company will not accept claims for shortages. Delivery is deemed to be effected when trucks have reached the closest point to the customer’s property without leaving the public road. Trucks are not permitted to drive over concrete crossings or driveways, unless a council approved crossing is provided. Trucks entering customer’s property at customer’s request do so at the customer’s risk and the Company will not accept any liability for damage.

Estimates are given for guidance only as to the number and type of blocks required and the Company will not accept responsibility for accuracy, nor accept claims for variations. The customer will be charged for all blocks delivered.

Coloured products can vary due to the use of Natural Aggregates.

The information contained in this document is current at the time of issue. Viblock Limited reserves the right to change product specification without prior notice. Where specification is relevant on specific product performance please check with Viblock first.