Drycast Pavers

A robust paver that is works well in commercial or residential applications.

Precision manufactured pavers for easy install and uniform finish. The pavers come in a wide range of sizes, colours and finishes.

Please see the resources below to help with specifications, design, and general information.



Units per m2


units per pallet


A large range of colours and finishes

Low maintenance, highly durable product especially when sealed

Locally made for NZ conditions

Available sizes, colours and finishes

We have a range of sizes 80mm (suitable for vehicles) and 60 - 45mm products for foot traffic.

The below options are available for Drycast pavers, colours with * indicated made to order.







Clutha Gold*

Golden Leaves*





The following treatments are available for Drycast pavers




Savanna LS450

Savanna LS450s

Savanna LS450s

LP80 Earthen

LS450 Earthen Alexandra

Dunedin Poti Pavers (Custom)

LP80 Natural, Charcoal, Bannockburn (Textured and Honed)

Dunedin Poti Pavers (Custom)

LP80 Sett Charcoal (Honed and Textured)

Dunedin Poti Pavers (Custom)

LP80 Clutha Gold & Charcoal

LP80 Clutha Gold & Charcoal

LP80 Clutha Gold and Charcoal

LP80 Clutha Gold & Charcoal

LP80 Clutha Gold & Charcoal

LP80 Clutha Gold & Charcoal

LP80 Clutha Gold & Charcoal

LS400 Natural

LS400 Natural (with etching)

LS450 Natural

LP80 Sett Natural

LP80 Charcoal

LP80 Charcoal

LS450 Charcoal Alexandra

LP80 Charcoal

LP80 Charcoal

LP80 Charcoal

CS60 - Clyde

CS60 - Clyde

LP80 Setts Charcoal (Textured and Honed)

LS450 Natural & Charcoal

LP Sett Mix

LP80 Bannockburn, Clyde, Charcoal

LP80 Bannockburn, Clyde, Charcoal

LP80 Bannockburn, Clyde, Charcoal

LS450s Charcoal and Savanna

Drycast features + Benefits

When you order from our extensive range there are many benefits ensuring you are happy with your purchase.

Concrete paving have a proven record of performance in commercial spaces. Compared with other pavement options maintenance is very favourable.

Several colours and combinations can be used to achieve the desired aesthetic

Along with many colours, pavers can be placed in several patterns and matched with difference sizes to achieve a bespoke aesthetic.

Over the lifetime of a pavement very littles maintenance is required and easily repaired if issues arise.

Pavers are pre hardened so will handle all conditions once laid.

Slip resistance of pavers can be controlled to achieve your requirements.

Additional Information

Efflorescence: What you need to know

Efflorescence is a naturally occurring phenomena associated with all Concrete products. The chemistry involved is complex, involving several factors over which neither the manufacturer, the contractor, nor the end user has total control.

At Viblock we are very much aware of efflorescence and the problems it can create. Our manufacturing processes have all but eliminated the occurrence of efflorescence in our products, however unfortunately, we have no control over the environment in which our Masonry & Pavers are used.
In order to reduce the chances of efflorescence occurring, it is important that purchases care for the products from delivery to sealing (refer Viblock Care of Masonry, Pavers sheets and the paving laying guide).

Three steps to reduce the chance of efflorescence occurring

Products must be stored correctly before laying.
Laying of Blocks and pavers should be completed by a licensed trade professional.
Sealing should also be carried out by a trade professional
Efflorescence should it occur in no way effects the structural integrity of our Masonry Blocks and Pavers.

Detailed Definition
Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts, usually white, that forms on or near the surface of concrete, masonry and cementitious products. It forms when soluble salts are dissolved by water migrating through the cementitious material and then precipitated at its surface by chemical reaction or by evaporation of the salt solution. Efflorescence usually consists of carbonates of calcium, sodium and potassium originating from the cement, but can also consist of salts from the surrounding environment. Iron oxides from the concrete can give the efflorescence a yellow/brow tint.

Calcium Carbonate is the most common form of efflorescence.

In simple terms, Calcium Carbonate is a by-product resulting from an interaction between the cement used to manufacture the paving and the natural environment, which includes the ground, the weather, and the atmosphere. The result is a deposit or ‘salt’ that appears on the surface of the paving. There’s no single, definitive appearance – it is sometimes powdery, sometimes scummy: sometimes it’s hazy and indistinct; sometimes it’s sharp, crisp and obvious. Sometimes it covers large expanses of paving, sometimes it affects individual units, and sometimes it affects just half or two-thirds of a paving unit. It seems to affect dark hued paving’s more than those of lighter tones, but the truth is that it’s just more noticeable against a darker background. However, it is almost always white in colour.

Products remain the property of Viblock Limited until full payment has been received.

Unless approved credit arrangements are made prior to delivery, payment is required at time of the placing of order. Prices are subject to alterations without notice and deliveries will be made at prices current at the time of dispatch.

All pallets are returnable, in good condition (fair wear and tear accepted) and subject to a deposit of $45+GST each, credited when pallets are returned to Viblock by the Purchaser.

Returns if accepted by Viblock will incur a handling fee. Claims for faulty products will not be entertained once they have been laid. No returns are accepted arising from over-ordering

Variations On Delivery:
Variations of actual quantities from those shown on delivery docket must be notified to us at the time of delivery otherwise no responsibility will be accepted for such variations. Goods delivered to unattended sites are the customer’s responsibility and the Company will not accept claims for shortages. Delivery is deemed to be effected when trucks have reached the closest point to the customer’s property without leaving the public road. Trucks are not permitted to drive over concrete crossings or driveways, unless a council approved crossing is provided. Trucks entering customer’s property at customer’s request do so at the customer’s risk and the Company will not accept any liability for damage.

Estimates are given for guidance only as to the number and type of blocks required and the Company will not accept responsibility for accuracy, nor accept claims for variations. The customer will be charged for all blocks delivered.

Coloured products can vary due to the use of Natural Aggregates.

The information contained in this document is current at the time of issue. Viblock Limited reserves the right to change product specification without prior notice. Where specification is relevant on specific product performance please check with Viblock first.